Adult Romance Ideas

When it comes to adult romance ideas men and women usually see things a little differently. In a movie once there was a line that 'women need a reason to have sex and men just need a place'. Romance is more than sex and to have romance sometimes you need to put some thought into it.

Here are a few adult romance ideas that can heat things up for both of you.

Romance can be easily achieved if you make it an everyday part of your life. Little things like opening her car door or taking him out a glass of ice tea when he is working in the yard show thought.

Although these are not romantic at the time they are acts of kindness that create a backlog of goodwill that can be cashed in later when you really need it.

One problem most couples go through is losing the romance over a period of time. When you first date it is easy to be romantic because everything is fresh and exciting. The passion is there in your kisses and the sex can be great. Each date is fun and new. Walking and holding hands. Every little touch and moment spent together can be romantic.

Time tends to erode these feelings. Everything gets rushed, life marches on, bills to pay, separate jobs and a boss that is demanding. Relationships can easily get forgotten and this is especially true if you are married.

If you ask a married women to describe a romantic idea she will probably talk about getting away from the kids and doing something where you are focused on each other. This is a good idea no matter what stage your relationship is in. Focusing on each other.

Going out to a nice dinner and to a jazz club for some soft music and good wine could be an adult romance idea that appeals to both of you. Take the lead and put it on the calendar.

Take a drive to the mountains or the beach with a blanket and a picnic basket full of finger foods and desert. Nothing much planned except a day away with just the two of you. To a woman, having her husband paying attention only to her can be one of the most romantic things possible.

No matter what you do or how you do it try and make it a regular thing. Do not fall into the trap of not being romantic to your partner because someday someone else might just replace you. With just a little bit of thought you should be able to come up with plenty of adult romance ideas to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

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