Best Kissing Tips In 7 Simple Steps

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Welcome to the best kissing tips webpage.

An expression as simple as a kiss seems to be very frightening for many people. It really should not be that way. Let's take a look at the best kissing tips and how you can make sure you are ready when the big moment arrives.

1. To start with you have to relax and be yourself. If you are comfortable with the person you are getting ready to kiss you do not need to feel nervous. Whether you have kissed much in the past or not you can do this.

2. Look into your partners eyes with a warm smile to set the stage. If they are gazing back and not looking away you are getting a good go ahead signal. If they turn their head they may not be ready.

3. Now you are ready to move close and touch your date. This can be with your hands lightly on their face or just holding hands. Your head should tilt slightly and theirs will be in the opposite direction. Either way is fine.

4. Relax your lips and close your eyes. If your head is aligned correctly you will not bump heads. Just move in slowly. If you have a little lip balm you should have applied it before now. You want your lips to not be dry, but licking them over and over before you kiss is a bad idea.

5. Keep your lips relaxed and move in slowly. Slightly open your lips before they touch your partner's lips. Keep your tongue in your mouth and your jaw relaxed. Keep your head tilted and enjoy the moment. We say keep your tongue in your mouth because this is not a French Kiss right now.

6. The kiss should be short and sweet. Just align your lips with theirs and if you are doing it right you may think it is happening in slow motion. You may even experience a slight light headedness if you are lucky.

7. As the best kiss ends just pull away slowly and make eye contact. With a warm smile enjoy the moment. You may want to say something such as "that was nice."

These best kissing tips are the basics of one kiss. You will quickly learn how your partner likes to kiss. The best kiss is one that leaves both of you feeling happy and wanting more. Who knows what it will lead to after that.

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