Body Language And Flirting

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Body Language is often called the unspoken language which makes sense because you are reading what people think based on their actions. Some studies have shown that only ten percent of communication is verbal. The rest is non-verbal, or unspoken.

Just by sitting back and watching someone you can tell their feelings and emotions. So when it comes to body language and flirting can you tell if a person is really into you?

Well, the answer, of course, is yes to this question. A personís body language when flirting can tell a lot about whether they like you or not. Here are some things to look for when trying to figure out the opposite sex.

Space and distance is a good thing to look for, when a person likes you they want to be close to you. When flirting, a woman will move closer to you and try to find an excuse to touch you. The opposite is true for a woman who is not into you. Say you are talking to her and you move towards her, if she moves away from you and tries to keep her distance she most likely isnít into you at all.

If she crosses her arms or legs then she is closed to what you are saying. But if she has her arms regular then she may be into you. This is not the most reliable form of the unspoken language in my opinion. It is a habit for woman to cross their legs, and if a woman is cold she may cross her arms as well, so donít depend on this sign as to whether or not she likes you. Combine it with other body language signals.

If she looks at you directly in the eyes and keeps constant contact then she is interested in what you are saying, a woman who will not look at you in the eyes or who does so for only a second and then looks away is not interested. But this, again, is a bit of an iffy signal because she may just be shy. Mind you, a girl who is truly interested will definitely look at you in the eyes for an extended amount of time.

Her smile, now she will smile at you and look at you directly in the eyes if interested, if not interested she might smile but it will be more of a curtious smile than a genuine one.

If you work in a retail job you may be required to smile and say hi to every one that comes into your store. This does not mean everyone is interested in you so watch out for constant eye contact and other signals that she is interested.

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Body language and flirting can be a great thing to be able to read but it can be also be misleading if you overanalyze certain aspects of this unspoken language. Keep the tips in mind when you are flirting and also use your common sense and you will find that you wonít go too far wrong.

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