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As more and more online dating sites are springing up Christians are turning to them to find companions. This makes sense as Christianity is the largest religion in the world. Turning to an internet dating service for Christian advice may not be the best thing to do however. The best Christian dating advice comes directly from the Bible itself.

Dating based on the Bible allows you to find the right person for you based on the following things.

1. The type of person you are looking for. Many times the personalities of a partner do not match with you. They may possess traits that are in contrast with what the Bible says on everything from how they treat other people to their beliefs on dating and sex.

2. The bible is very explicit when it comes to teachings on marriage. Many dating services have one focus and that is to increase membership numbers and get people together online. The bible focuses it's teachings on couples putting God first and building their relationships around him. Most dating services will not do that.

3. Meeting a person to date that is not a Christian is not all bad. You may be able to have an influence over them for the better. This is not to say that dating with the idea that you are going to change them will work. Changing another person is never a good idea, but living your life as a Christian allows you to offer advice to a non-Christian that may bring about a change in themselves.

4. Divorce rates are at an all time high because people date and quickly get married without a long term commitment. Christians are not immune to divorce, but certainly a marriage that focuses on God will stand a better chance to survive then one that does not.

5. As you get to know your dating mate some of the conversation will naturally drift to religion. Beyond it is good advice to get to understand how they view the bible itself. Having good morals is not all that Christianity is about. Believing in God and putting him first in your life and your marriage is the ultimate Christian dating advice you can give someone and take yourself.

To summarize, Christian dating advice can come to you in many different ways. Any advice that comes from man that is not based on the teachings of Christ is not what you want to base your dating or marriage on. If you focus on the bible and what God says that is the best advice of all.

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