Christian Teachings on Dating and Relationships

This article explores Christian Teachings on dating and relationships. These are simple rules that, even if you are not religious, can help with your relationship. So here are some rules or laws to go by so you yourself can date like a Christian.

Keep all the rules about dating in the scriptures, or the bible. This means follow simple rules such as no sex before marriage. The problem in todayís society is that if men get sex they will continue dating. Why would a man settle down and get married when he is in a relationship with a girl and receiving sex when not married? We all know of people who live together, and they have for several years but they are not married. So why donít they get married? Well Iím sure there are multiple reasons like fear of an actual commitment, or emotional reasons only known to them but something in relationships is going extremely wrong.

I am not saying all men but most men today will have sex before marriage. That goes for woman today as well, men will generally date so they can have sex and woman date to find a mate. The majority of the time men will date and have sex until they fall in love, and for men to fall in love a woman usually holds out on the sexual aspect of the relationship until marriage. This is not how it always goes, but take sex out of dating and two people have a better chance of connecting emotionally than when no feelings and just sex is involved.

Another of the Christian teachings on dating you could try is prayer. The bible says to pray about your relationship pray together with your mate and pray often. If you are not religious then this is most likely new to you, but if something may help your relationship then it doesnít hurt to try it, right?

Marriage takes time and effort and once you make a commitment to it then you need to stick to that commitment. Marriage is a lot of work. Itís not easy and thatís why the divorce rate is so high, people donít honor their vows and give up when the going gets tough. You need to work through problems and honor your vows, the bible says that there are only a couple of scriptural reasons someone should leave a marriage. Those reasons are unfaithfulness, if cheating is involved, or abuse.

God wants you to be happy in your marriage and if your spouse isnít the person you thought you married it is then okay to divorce. Not because of money issues or the fact you just donít want to be married anymore.

So follow these Christian Teachings on dating and see if your relationships change. It canít hurt and you may learn something about yourself that you did not know before. Good Luck dating like a Christian.

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