Creative Ways To Ask Someone Out

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Welcome to creative ways to ask someone out.

Whether you are looking at asking out someone for the first time, or you have been married for 20 years and want to put a bit of sparkle back into your relationship, you stand a better chance if you are a little bit creative.

Here are a few creative ways to ask someone out and get the desired result.

1. Be romantic. If you are married send a dozen roses to your wife's work and ask if she would accompany you to a private screening of the hottest movie of the year.

2. Hire an airplane to fly over where you know the person you want to date is. Have it pull a streamer saying, "Julie, will you go out with me, Bob." Take her to a restaurant at the nearest airport.

3. Can't afford an airplane? Tie two helium balloons to a board. One Red that says "NO", and the other blue and says "YES". Attach a note that says, will you go out with me. Leave it on their doorstep and go across the street and hide. Call them and tell them to check the doorstep and release one. If the blue balloon flys your on to a winner.

4. If you are technology minded how about building a one page website. You can get a free 7 day trial at Buy your own name as a domain name. You can use their WYSIWYG text editor.

Type in the name of the lady you want to ask out and include the details of the date you are asking about. Then send her an email and ask her to check out the website.

5. Is it time to put a little element of surprise in your marriage.

Get some colored paper, write one word and cut it out in different shapes. Put a different word on her pillow each night.

Word one "Will" Word two "You, Word three, "Go" etc until you have asked her out. Be sure and include the word sweetheart in there somewhere.

6. Call the guy you want to date and ask him if he could do anything he wanted this weekend what it would be. If it is anything remotely possible tell him you would like to pay for that and offer a 100% money back guarantee of his time if he will do it with you.

There are many creative ways to ask someone out and it's just a case of using a bit of thought.

If you are a creative person get a piece of paper and start making notes. Write anything and everything that pops into your mind, no matter how off the wall it sounds. You never know what will get them to say "Yes."

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