Coping With Criticism

Unfortunately, we live in a world full of criticism, at work, home and in the market where we shop. Sometimes it seems that how we look, behave or our status in life is just not good enough for others.

Some people spend their entire life trying to make other people happy; they go through life feeling that if they could do just a little bit better it would make everyone happy. Research has shown that people love to point out the faults and short comings of others, but greatly reduce the negativity when it comes to their own faults.

There are ways to reduce your sensitivity so you can continue to hold your head high and keep your self esteem at a good level.

One of the most important things to remember is that there are two distinct types of criticism.

The first comes from someone that is means well and is simply trying to show you a better or easier way and it’s important you take their advice on board and try to learn from it.

If you never have any tips on change you will never be able to do better. You must change the way that you look at the tips or advice, consider them a better way to do something and not a personal attack on your character. That is not the way that they are meant and while it may be hard to digest it is a part of everyday life.

The second type is from people that will verbally abuse you and mean it in a very ugly way. The best way to deal with these foul mouth individuals is to understand who and what you are dealing with.

Who makes these people the authority or gives them the all knowing to give advice or criticize you?

If you discredit their authority in your mind it makes things much easier to shrug off and you can laugh at them. You must put yourself in an equal or higher position than the person abusing you and that way you will have the ability to reject their comments or disapproval.

Learning to let things roll off your back and realizing that there will always be those type of people is a good way to combat criticism and not let it get you down.

Take it with a grain of salt and remember that everyone has their right to an opinion. Not everyone’s is correct and in fact there is no authority that gives any person the right to throw abuse at others in an ugly way.

Toughen your skin and laugh it off!

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