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In this article we are going to look at some good date questions to ask when the conversation begins to dry up.

When you start dating you probably won't know a great deal about the person you are going out with.

Even if you have been friends in the past you probably still dont REALLY know them.

You will have some natural curiosity, but the key when asking questions on a date is not to make it sound like you're running a credit check.

What I mean by that is to work your questions into the conversation over the course of the night as the opportunities present themselves.

If you ask questions as though you are holding a clipboard you will not really find anything out about your date.

Here are some good date questions and topics to get you started.

1. What type of a guy/girl are you looking for?

Another way you can phrase that is - what do you look for in a girl/guy?

It makes sense to ask something like this reasonably early on as you are both probably wondering the same thing. You don't necessarily have to ask it on a first date, but sooner or later the subject will come up and it will allow you to get a good idea if you are going to be what they are looking for or vice versa.

2. If you are dating through an online service you may want to ask some date questions about if they have ever used an online dating service before.

If they have, you can follow it on by asking what they liked or didn't like about it.

3. Asking about previous relationships is only a good thing to discuss once you have had a few dates and decided you both like each other.

Pay attention here to what sort of answers you get as they may give you clues to the reasons for past relationship breakdowns and allow you to avoid a similar outcome.

4. Eventually you are going to talk about religion and politics and why not. These are part of everyday life and are a reflection on a person's value system.

Again, it's wise to leave this subject until you have been out a few times because, if you have a difference of opinion, it may cause an argument if you donít know your dateís personality that well.

5. What is the most fun you ever had on a date? This certainly gives you something to shoot for. Hopefully the next time they answer it will be something you did together.

6. Another good date question is - What to you like to do in your spare time?

Finding common interests becomes very important the longer you date as you are going to start doing more and more things together as a couple.

7. If you had $1,000 to blow how would you spend it?

Getting an idea of how your date values money might be something to learn. Some people are very tight fisted with their money and some are not. One of the biggest causes of divorce is fighting over money.

Those are just 7 date questions you can ask but there are many many more.

When and how you ask them will depend on the situation and how long you have been dating. And, as I said, always be easy about it and work any questions you want to ask into the conversation naturally.

What Dating Questions Work For You?

- What sort of things do you like to talk about when on a first date?

- Do you find that certain topics make for better conversation than others?

- Have you ever ended up having an arguement with your date because of something you brought up that you shouldn't have?

Share your tips and advice and help others learn from your experiences.

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