What Should You Do If You Are Dating A Drug Addict?

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Have you ever been dating a drug addict?

Fortunately it's not something that too many people experience in their lifetime but for a few it can be a massively difficult relationship to cope with.

Dating can be a hard thing at the best of times and, until you get to know a person really well, you have no idea of the problems or situations you may find yourself in further on down the line.

A lot of times the only problem you may come across is that you donít like the person you are dating as much as you thought you did. However, what if you find out the man or woman that you think is right for you is actually a drug addict? What should you do if this happens?

You could just leave and let someone else deal with them. However, if you really care about the person then this is not the right thing to do. Since this person already knows you and more than likely trusts you, why not help them instead?

Drugs are not good for anyone to be hooked on and they will eventually ruin lives so make the choice to get the person you are dating the help that they need if they will let you.

Now you may be thinking, thatís a great idea but how do I do that?

When dating a drug addict the first thing that you need to do is to talk to the person that you are with.

With some people who are drug addicts, you may find that you will not actually be able to help them. They have to want the help or whatever you do will not make any difference.

If they donít want to be helped then you have two main options. You can either walk away and wash your hands of the situation or you can stick it out until they decide they do want the help.

I know that some of this may sound hard but unfortunately it is the truth. The person with the drug problem has to want your help. You canít force someone to do something that they donít want to do.

If the person that you are dating does want help to overcome their drug addiction, then the next step to take is to find a professional to help them with it.

There is only so much that you can do without professional help and with drug addicts, they will definitely need the added help of someone who deals with this type of problem on a daily basis.

So where do you find the help that they need?

You can go online and do a search to find professional help. There are all kinds of places that have people to help with drug addictions. One place that you can contact is addict-help.com. This is a resource for people with any kind of drug addiction be it hard drugs, prescription drugs or over the counter medicines and could be extremely useful if you are dating a drug addict.

No matter where you turn to for professional help, you will need to be strong and stand by the person that you are dating. Dating a drug addict will not be easy to deal with and, dependant on how reliant they are, there will be a long hard road ahead but if you care about the person at all, then you need to do what you can to help.

Even if you are dating a recovering drug addict, they will still need your help. Just because they are getting the professional help that they need doesnít mean that their problem is gone for good. Like with alcoholism or gambling addition it will always be something that they have to continually work at to overcome and it really is a case of taking each day at a time. They can do this with your help if you are willing to help them.

Do not think twice about calling drug addiction helplines and hotlines in case someone you hold dear gets involved in a drug emergency.

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