Dating A Single Dad

Dating a single dad is going to mean dating the kids sooner or later.

If you see him as a great guy he is going to have to balance where to fit you into his life and the life of the kids. You can certainly have some influence on that and you should have.

Here are 6 tips for dating a single dad that will make it more enjoyable for you, him, and the kids.

1. You are not a parent to his kids yet. Depending on how long you have dated you really have no voice in how he raises his kids. You do have the right, though, to expect to be treated with respect from his kids.

If you are new to the relationship you should wait to even meet his kids until you have dated for a while. No sense getting everyone all excited for what may be nothing.

2. If you know the kids mom you may as well face the fact that you are now the new women replacing the old one. You are going to hear mostly one side of what went wrong, his side. Your job is not to play mediator.

If you are around the kids do not take sides or put down their mom. When you're around the single dad you can be as supportive as you want to, but do not be afraid to tell him to put a lid on it if you get tired of listening about what's her name.

3. If you have an opinion on something then feel free to express it to him, just don't express it in front of his kids. It is always a good idea to keep communication open in an honest and straight forward manner.

4. Be nice to the kids. If you see yourself marrying their dad the better your relationship with them the better your relationship will be with him. You do not have to be their friend, but you can listen to what they say and be nice to them.

5. If you feel you are getting the short end of the stick attention wise let him know. This is best discussed in private. You have a right to feel equal the longer you date. Many times he will not even be aware of how you feel unless you tell him.

6. Don't sleep over at his house with the kids present until you are engaged to be married. This is an example you are setting and it puts him in a tough place as well.

These tips on dating a single dad involve common sense. Just be yourself and enjoy him and his kids.

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