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Dating for parents presents certain challenges that single people donít have to go through.

If you are a single mom, dating can be hard no matter what ages your children are. Here are a few things to consider.

1. When in doubt, DON'T DO IT! If you have a bad feeling about a man or the situation you are in you are probably right. Be decisive and don't second guess your decisions.

2. When dating a divorced or recently widowed man be mindful of how long they have been single. Men are generally slow to commit anyway, but if they are just coming off of a break up or death of a spouse it is going to take them a while.

3. How long have you been single? You will know when you are ready to date. That will happen at different times for different women.

4. A single mom needs to be able to discuss her past. Some men do not care to hear it right now. Be mindful of where you are in a relationship before you go too far into your past.

5. Men who come on too strong may have issues of their own. As a single mom and parent be careful of problems they may have that are a threat to you or your children.

6. Depending on the ages of your kids you need to date with them in mind at all times. What you do affects them directly and they may not be emotionally ready for you to get serious with anyone yet.

7. Be a confident single parent who is now dating. You do not need to rush into anything. Realize there are a lot of men who would be lucky to have you and your kids. It is a package deal and just because you find one who will take all of you does not mean they are the right one.

8. Be selective about which men you go out with. Do not date just to be dating if it is not someone that interests you.

9. Are you a perceptive listener? Men will drop clues about themselves that will tell you more about them then they will reveal to you directly. What kind of relationships were they in and how they handled themselves in the past. That is what you can probably expect from them in the future.

Dating for parents means looking out for your kids. As a single mom you need to be aware of your needs AND the needs of your children and just take it slow until you meet the right person.

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