Dating Gift Ideas

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Is there anything more thoughtful than giving a gift to your special date?

No matter where you are in your relationship a gift, no matter how small or inexpensive, adds a nice touch. It doesn't' have to be a special occasion either. As a matter of fact it is even more appreciated when you give it for no apparent reason other than to say I love you.

Here are some dating gift ideas for him and her.

Gifts For Her

1. Flowers. I have never met a women who did not like flowers. Roses are the most popular. A dozen roses has long been a symbol for love and romance.

2. Jewelry. Diamond earrings or a necklace should do the trick. Diamonds are forever and maybe so will be your relationship.

3. Candy. A little box of chocolates do not cost very much, but sure go along way to say I love you. I like dating you.

4. A Bottle Of Wine. If you are staying in for dinner or even if you will drink it another time a bottle of wine show some sophistication on your part.

5. Sexy Lingerie. She will feel sexy wearing this gift and you may just be the lucky one to find out how sexy.

5. A New Watch. Now you can go out on your next date on time. A new watch is a great gift idea for her.

Gifts For Him

1. Golf Balls. If your man is a golfer you can never go wrong getting him something that relates to golf. Everyone can use a few more golf balls. The same relates to other sports.

2. A Watch. A new watch is a stylish way to connect to him. Women know what looks good and you can choose something classy for him to remember you by every time he wears it.

3. A New Set Of Beer Mugs. If your man likes a beer, and who doesn't, a new set of beer mugs will make the next cold one taste that much better.

4. Tickets To A Baseball Game. Take me out to the ball game never sounded so good as 2 free tickets to enjoy the game with him.

5. Sexy Boxers. You can definitely put some spice in your love life with a new set of silky boxers.

6. A New Electric Razor. A close shave means a smooth face to snuggle up to.

There you have it. 6 great dating gift ideas for men and 6 for women. Maybe you have some dating gift ideas of your own so go for it. Any gift you give on a date, or to your date, shows thought and is a great idea.

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