Dating In The Workplace

There used to be an old saying when it came to dating in the workplace, "Don't do it!"

Many companies used to have rules regarding dating someone form work.

This could be a slippery slope to tread on if you were a man especially if you were in a management position and were supervising the women you were dating.

Those rules are more lax today as more and more women are entering the workplace. Here is some good advice for men when it comes to dating in the workplace.

Office romances as they are called can lead to many problems. If you ask a women out and your are her supervisor how do you know she is only saying yes so she does not hurt her career? As you continue to date do you know for sure she is not using you to advance herself in the company? You must make sure that you are aware of this possibility before moving any relationship onwards.

If you do go out try and keep it a secret at first. This is only common sense as office gossip has killed many careers and many romances. People love to talk and as stories get passed around the true meaning of them tends to get changed. By keeping your dating in the workplace a secret it gives you a chance to get to know her away from work without the pressure of co-workers.

If you start to date on a regular basis make sure you give each other some room to breathe. Being together all of the time can be a little to much even for people who are professional in how they handle themselves. Having time apart is a good idea both at work and at home.

Stay professional at work. It can make co-workers uncomfortable to be around you when you act a lovey dovey so to speak. Getting sexual at work is a definite no-no as well. By staying professional at work you will cause less problems for yourself and be more apt to be accepted by your so-workers if your relationship does develop into love or marriage.

Be mindful of sexual harassment in the workplace. Do not put yourself in a postion where you think you are getting one signal and you are really getting another. Sexual harassment is illegal and can ruin your career.

Lastly know that as high as almost 60% of men and women have had an office romance. many of these do end up in marriage. If you do it right dating a women at work can be fun. With the number of hours men and women spend working it is only natural that dating will occur. You can mix work and pleasure and make both more fun.

Hopefully this advice for dating in the workplace will give you a few things to think about before making the jump.

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