Dating Tips for a High School Guy

As a teenager, it's important to have realistic goals in the dating world. For instance, trying to get a girl to make out with you or even have sex with you (always use a condom!) is a good goal. Trying to find your wife is not. As with anything, you'll get a lot further if you behave in accordance with your goals.

A mistake I, and millions of other men, made as a teenager was behaving like a complete pussy. Like most of us, I was raised with a lot of influence from my mother. Moms are great for a lot of things, but preparing you to interact with those of the opposite sex while you're in high school is not one of them. Most of the movies we see involve some type of romance where marriage represents the finish line. In short, we have been programmed to operate under the assumption that marriage is our goal. When you're much older, this can be an okay goal to work towards, but when you're a teenager, focus on expanding your horizons and not settling down!

So practically speaking, what can you do? First of all, don't try to find a serious girlfriend that you can pour a bunch of emotional baggage on. Just have fun; you're young! When you hang out with a girl, drop all the gushy "I love you" crap and focus more on laughing and having fun, wild experiences. This will save you a lot of heartache in the long run because, believe me, you're not going to marry the girl you have a crush on in high school. That's a good thing, too, because if you do your life will probably be miserable.

It's super common to fall in love with the first girl you kiss and/or have sex with. Regardless of having read this article, you'll probably do it anyway because high school is hell for guys like that, but believe me when I say that you'll thank yourself a thousand times over when you're older if you can find a way to avoid taking a high school relationship too seriously. All high school girls are complete morons. They have zero experience in life, have no clue who they are as a person, and are 100% unable to know what they want out of life let alone who they want to spend it with. Don't leverage your emotional state on the back of some young chick. It's just a recipe for disaster.

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