Dating Violence And The Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

Dating Violence is on the rise. It happens in every age group, every ethnic group, to males as well as females. In fact it can happen to just about anyone. Fortunately there are warning signs to look for so watch out for these signs and donít become a victim of dating violence.

Drugs and Alcohol play a huge role in domestic violence. When a person is intoxicated or high on drugs they are unpredictable and irrational thus sometimes ending in unexplained violence. Many times alcohol is used as an excuse for violent behavior, but the truth is alcohol and/or drugs, gives the abuser an excuse to abuse. They already have underlying abusive issues, which with the use of alcohol or drugs lowers their inhibitions and violence tends to be more prevalent.

Outrageous jealousy can be another thing to watch out for. If your new boyfriend picks you up from work and you are talking to a male co-worker and he gets jealous and extremely mad, this may be a sign of a potential abuser. Everyone gets jealous at times in a relationship but if your boyfriend or girlfriend gets overly jealous when you are with your girlfriends or even your co-workers then this could be a problem.

Watch out for the guy who seems to always say the right thing. This 'too much too soon' guy will tell you he loves you when you have only met each other a few times, he might call you a little too much, say he wants to marry you or insist on spending every waking moment with you. Although this may not seem bad at first, normal people donít get attached so quickly. They also donít tend to talk about marriage until, at a bare minimum, they have been exclusive for at least a couple of months.

Beware of turbulent anger, or the guy who seems to get overly angry at things that wouldnít seem to bother normal people. Everyone has certain frustrations, but if their face is bright red with veins popping out of their neck and they are about to explode because the little old lady in front of them is going too slow, its definitely a sign of an underlying anger problem. Getting mad at things is natural but hitting walls, fighting or threatening someone is violent behavior that you should definitely look out for.

Look out for mood swings, someone who gets intensely angry and then in seconds is a new person. Telling you heís sorry and he loves you and he will never hurt you again. This is the cycle of an abuser. Although you want to believe he will never hurt you again, the odds are that he will. It is a cycle and it will not end until the abuser gets help.

Dating Violence is definitely a problem but with these signs you will hopefully be able to recognize an abuser before they start to turn abusive. Follow your intuition and until you really know someone look for these signs and if they are present definitely question your relationship, before the abuse starts.

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