Double Your Dating

Double Your Dating is an ebook written by expert pick-up artist David DeAngelo. The goal of this book is to help you get more dates and make those dates better.

Some Things You'll Learn in Double Your Dating:

  • How to develop a personality women will find irresistible
  • Using communication and humor to attract women
  • Dating ideas and tips on getting her to come to your place
  • Tips on how to use body language to build attraction
  • ...and much more!

Double Your Dating Pays for Itself

Guys spend more on bottles of bad cologne than this ebook costs and believe me, you'll get a lot further with women thanks to the tools and tips kept inside Double Your Dating. There are also a bunch of great bonuses that come with this book such as:

  • The 8 Personality Types that Naturally Attract Women
  • Sex Secrets for turning women on in a big way
  • "Bridges", how to go from step one (first meeting) to the bedroom

Hey, what are you waiting for?

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