More Than First Date Kissing?

Do you remember lectures when you were young from parents and grandparents about kissing on the first date and then always asked yourself - why shouldn't I? Of course no one was confident or defiant enough to actually ask why, but Im sure most of us always wondered.

The argument for women was always the fear of looking loose or seeming like a tramp by allowing a man to go too far on the first date or too soon in the relationship. It seems apparent that kissing on the first date really doesnít signify anything at all besides an out of date myth.

If two people on a dating night out feel comfortable enough and want to have a kiss on the first date, what would be the harm? Thatís right, nothing at all! A simple kiss is very much harmless and in most cases does not lead to sex at the front door of her apartment. It really is not that big of a deal, unless of course you are talking to your grandmother.

Times have changed and many of the dating taboo issues are no longer circulating, but there are a few that still plague relationships everywhere.

Would you believe that there are still many women that are under the impression that they can not call a guy first, because they might look bad.

Look bad?

Why because they are taking control, being aggressive or assertive?

What have women fought for over the past fifty years? The very things that I mentioned. In the corporate world women want to be seen as equal and no longer controlled or dominated by men. Today there are many businesses that are run by women, completely without a manís direction!

Now, for the subject of sex on the first date. In my opinion it is not a great idea.

In a dating relationship it is a good to get to know a little bit about someone first. It is quite often difficult to find out people's true background and personality if you just hop into bed with them although kissing on the first date wont really hurt either of you.

There are a ton of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies that people end up dealing with after a quick sexual experience. So try and hold off on sexual activity until later.

Several people would argue that regardless of one date or twenty-five dates they will still not know the ins and outs of the other person such as their thoughts about having children or their financial obligations.

While this statement is true, it's also true that you may never be able to completely know a person.

Did you ever think about that?

There are many people that date for years and then end up married to later divorce. Many of them quote the fact that the other person was hiding something from them and they never really knew them at all.

Dating can be very complex and there are many issues to bear in mind when considering kissing on the first date or taking it further.

While there are many people that cite religious and moral issues, others claim that sex on the first date is fine.

The best piece of advice I can give you is this...

You are the only one that can decide what is right for you.

If you took the advice or beliefs of others, you would never be able to make a decision at all. On any situation, decision or choice you would be plagued by several different opinions. From going on vacation to picking a new pet. Some people would argue that vacationing in Hawaii is the only place to go and others would argue that it is too costly and Las Vegas would be better. That is the reason that there are a ton of places to go, people to date and choices to make, everyone is different.

Differences make the world go round and everyone should embrace their personal feelings, opinions and morals to make their own decisions.

Going further than just kissing on the first date? Only you can decide!

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