Basics Of The French Kiss

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Learning the basics of a French kiss is the foundation of experiments to come. Not only can you add your own twist to it, you will begin to become more advanced with the technique through practice.

Each person will show their own sort of expertise when it comes to French kissing and many others will be able to give you a plethora of kissing advice on the subject. It all comes down to what you like and what you prefer. It is totally individual and personal, so there is no right or wrong way to kiss someone.

The Fundamentals of the French Kiss are listed below:

The first thing you need to make sure of is when readying yourself for kissing of any kind the teeth need to be brushed. It is also necessary for the rest of the body to be in tiptop shape. This means that a shower or bath beforehand is always advisable. Being groomed correctly and smelling fresh will ensure that you have made yourself kissable. You want yourself to be approachable and attractive to the other person. Bad breath, dirty face or not so fresh breath can drive someone the other way!

Make sure that when the kissing starts that each person is in a position providing comfort. You might be in this position for a long period of time, hopefully if you really like this person. Nothing is worse than getting a cramp in your back or legs right in the middle of the good part of the kiss. This can really break the mood and the kiss may be officially over if this occurs. Positioning is everything.

Now comes the part of the kiss that is the most important. This is the beginning of the movement toward the other person. Sometimes this movement can prove to be fatal if one or the other moves the wrong way. Start by moving your face in to the other person's face. Make sure to be aware of just where your nose is and where it is going. Turning the head to the side slightly might be best. Please be careful, bumping noses or foreheads can ruin a good mood!

Start the kiss as gentle as possible. This means that you need to kiss with your lips closed and gently brush your lips across the other persons lightly. If you feel the need to close your eyes then do so. This action seems to make the kiss feel better and starts the right kind of mood forming for a more intense kiss to follow.

Keep the light kisses going. Do not push the issue of French kissing at this point. Enjoy what is happening right now. Once you feel comfortable, slowly and with a light touch, take your tongue across the other personís lips, and see what response you get. The other individual should open their mouth slightly and may even present their own tongue. It might also be that they copy your tongue movements. If they do, great, if they do not then continue with the closed mouth kissing and try again later. Gentleness and loving kisses are the key to an enjoyable kiss. That is not to say that the kiss can not be passionate, but always make it a pleasurable thing, not a painful one!

Make the French kiss last longer by learning how to breathe through your nose. Learning this part of the kiss will give you hours of kissing pleasure without the possibility of turning blue. The only thing to do at this point is to continue kissing and enjoy!

The best kissing advice I can give is to enjoy your partner and show your love as well as affection by kissing them passionately.

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