French Kissing Techniques That Will Make Your Date Beg For More

Let's discuss French kissing techniques.

There are all kinds of kissing that you can do with your date or lover. However, French kissing is the most popular one. It is also the most important one to learn how to do right.

Nobody likes to be kissed by someone who doesnít know what they are doing or someone who slobbers all over them. That is just gross. Here are seven French kissing techniques that will help you learn the correct way to kiss.

1. You need to have good oral hygiene. This is probably one of the most important things that a lot of people overlook. Have your teeth checked on a regular basis because having healthy teeth will reduce bad breath. You also want to concentrate on making sure that you brush your tongue. A lot of people donít realize that not doing this on a daily basis can cause bad breath even if you do have healthy teeth.

2. You donít want to be too excited when it comes to kissing. Learn patience because the person you are kissing will be able to tell. You need to pay attention to what the other person is telling you with their body language. French kissing techniques are not just about using your lips and tongue.

3. When you know that it is the right time you will probably feel excited. Donít get nervous and donít over think it. You want to make eye contact with your partner because this will tell them that you are confident. Also make sure that you smile at the other person because it will help put them at ease and tell them that you like them.

4. This is where you want to get close to the other person. Donít rush it but you want to be close enough that you can feel their breath. Now is the time to kiss.

5. Take it slow but lean towards them. Start off with gentle kisses without any tongue. By building the kiss you will be letting the other person get more comfortable. When you finally do touch lips you want to keep your eyes closed. Eye contact during the actual kiss can be very uncomfortable. Start off with just kissing the lips and slowly work up to the tongue.

6. When you start with the French kiss you will want to go slowly but not to slow, gently part the other personís lips with just the tip of your tongue. You want to move your tongue around slowly and let the other person start to do the same but donít go into deep. This is a good way to know if they are comfortable going further.

7. After you know where you both stand on the kissing you have been doing so far you can now use a little more tongue. Start with feeling the sides of each other tongues. You can even start turning your tongue around each otherís tongues. You donít want to go to fast but then again you donít want to go to slow. Take your cues from your partner if you are unsure.

By following the French kissing techniques above you will be able to start kissing better in no time. It will take some practice to perfect this but it is well worth the effort. Everyone likes someone who knows how to kiss without making them feel like they are a lollipop.

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