Fun Date Ideas

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There are many fun date ideas that can appeal to both of you and have you looking forward to going out together.

If it is your first date it is always a good idea to go where there are quite a few other people as this takes some of the pressure off of the conversation.

If you have been going out for a while a fun date is one that is a little different yet enjoyable. Here are 7 fun date ideas that anyone can enjoy no matter what date they are on.

1. Bowling is one fun date that never gets old.

If you are a competitive bowler and your date is not remember this is a fun date and not a date to show off how good you are. You can join a competitive league at another time!

For now just have fun and try to limit the number of gutter balls your throw.

2. Going to the zoo is a very relaxing date that anyone can have a fun time doing. The animals provide the entertainment and you just walk around enjoying each others company in anticipation of what they are going to do next.

3. Did you ever play video games when you were young? Today a visit to an arcade will blow you away compared to how they used to be.

What is really neat is many of the old classic games like Pac Man and Donkey Kong are making a comeback and you get to play them again with your date.

4. As long as you are going back in time how about a trip to an amusement park. Eat cotton candy or a funnel cake. Ride the Ferris Wheel if you are not scared of heights. Take in a show. Amusement parks can take a first date and turn it into a great long date.

5. Baseball season turns into football season which turns into basketball and soccer season. You can have a lot of fun taking your date to a sporting event. I almost forgot about hockey or lacrosse. It doesn't matter what it is as long as both of you like watching it.

6. If you like to gamble how about a night out at a casino. Play the nickel slots or quarter machines. Step it up for a little more high stakes gambling if you feel like it. You can get the excitement level up a notch if your date is having a lucky night.

7. Are you are both athletic? How about going golfing or horse riding. Even playing putt putt is a lot of fun and you can be outdoors having a fun date.

Fun date ideas are when you both can go out and have a really good time together doing something a bit different from the norm.

Knowing a little about your date before you ask them out is a good idea and will give you a better chance of having a lot of fun.

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