8 Fun First Date Ideas

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Fun first date ideas are often quite difficult to think up and, lets be honest, the first date is where the pressure is really on. It's make or break time and if you blow the first date and you can pretty much kiss a second date goodbye.

Couples really don't appreciate how much effort is put into just getting to this stage and it's because of this we are giving you some fun first date ideas to help you along.

A first date is exciting and fresh no matter how many you have been on and the real key to having a great time is to not make it dull.

So here are 8 great first date ideas that are never boring.

1. Go out to eat, but not at just one restaurant.

Start with drinks at one of your favorite quiet places then move along for appetizers, dinner, and dessert all at different places.

End up at one final stop for a quiet cup of coffee and some conversation, maybe about your next date.

2. Depending on your budget you could arrange a limo ride to a park for a picnic and a walk. This could be as long or as short as you choose but will allow you to get to know your date without anyone butting in.

3. Go out and try something new. If you have never been country western dancing, take a lesson and go to a country bar to try it out. You may flop, but would have a good time doing it.

4. Play truth or dare.

You remember the old game where you got to learn something about someone you didn't know before. Pick a place to eat and on the drive over you can get the conversation started with a quick game of truth or dare.

5. Attend a wine tasting or beer festival if you both like to drink. Don't over drink, but enjoy testing out various samples and compare what you both like.

6. To learn a little about each others tastes in various things go window shopping. If you live in an area with lots of stores you can walk and talk for hours getting to know more about each other and what you like and dislike.

7. You can never go wrong doing something sports related. Golfing, mountain climbing or even attending a sports event.

High School sports are a great place to feel the excitement in a local community and have a great time if your team wins.

8. Even a visit to a coffee shop and reading a book if you both like to read can be fun just enjoying each others company.

Fun first date ideas are anything that appeals to both of you and are not boring. These are just 8 ideas I've used in the past.

Think you can come up with any better ones?

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