How To Get A Man

Matthew Hussey

Beauty, noun.
1. The combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind
2. An outstanding example of its kind


There is a great truth: Men love women of beauty

There is a great myth: Women are either beautiful, or not. Some got it, some don't.

We have become brainwashed by society. When a lot of women think about how to get a man, beauty is high on their list of what it takes to make it happen, and this often means conjuring up the same old images; Hollywood smiles glowing through our TV sets, airbrushed celebrities pasted on magazine racks, statuesque models gliding down a catwalk.

Sure, great natural looks are a bonus that most of us would take given the chance. But why focus on what you can't change?

Accept what is, and set about working on those parts of yourself that REALLY matter; your health, your body, your personality. Instead of worrying about that one physical feature you hate about yourself, why not focus on how much energy, passion and fun you can inject into your everyday interactions?

Remember, there's always someone worse off; if you need some perspective just look around. It's not the hand you're dealt that counts, its how you play it. Forget envying the hands of others, they have just as many problems to stress them out on a daily basis as you. So be thankful for what you DO have. If you want to get a man, capitalise on your best qualities!

Don't fret. I'm not about to launch into some false diatribe about how any real prince charming is entirely unconcerned with the silly transient world of looks and physical appearances. In fact, the opposite is the case. To get a man of quality, HOW YOU LOOK WILL MATTER! You do have to play the hand you're dealt WELL after all!

Imagine your ideal man. Imagine his characteristics. Charming, funny, sharply-dressed, well-groomed sophisticated, toned, tanned, slim, muscular are all adjectives that come to mind. This strapping fellow has a lot to live up to.

Well here's the point: If you have high standards for the men you want to attract in your life, what makes you think he'll settle for anything less? Men who have high standards for themselves have something in common. They look for the same trait in the women they choose. If you want to get a man that takes care of his appearance, you're gonna have to do the same.

You don't have to be a born beauty queen, but pride in your appearance is a must. This might simply mean taking regular exercise three times a week or making sure you own a figure-flattering wardrobe (Fashion Tip: ALWAYS go for a good fit over fashion). Pride says everything about what you're willing to settle for from anybody else. If you want to get a man who will stay attracted to you, these kinds of standards are a MUST.

A man will quickly gauge the standards you'll accept from him, and act accordingly. If men don't think they have to make an effort for you, they won't. What it says to a man is this: "Well she doesn't care about herself, and she obviously doesn't care that much about what I think". The resulting boredom will likely lead to him suffering a rather severe case of Wandering-Eye Syndrome, and he'll start to look elsewhere. So understand this: It's THAT effort you put into yourself that made you so attractive to him in the first place.

If you'll accept nothing but the best from the men in your life, apply this principle to yourself first. Why should you accept anything than the best you can possibly be?

If you want to get a man, give him something to live up to. Men want to be kept on their toes. He'll want to make an effort for you.

The crux: Men fall in love with women who make them want to be a better man.

See you soon

Matthew Hussey

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