Good Kissing Tips And Advice On What Not To Do

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Good kissing tips are something that are often overlooked by a lot of people.

Learning how to kiss right will help your relationship with your partner become better, it will also make your love life with them more intimate and bring you closer together as a couple.

There are some good kissing tips you can follow that will help.

Tip 1: Be patient. There is no reason that you need to hurry. Wait until the mood is right, you will be able to tell this if you pay attention to your partners body language. Everyone likes the romantic kiss not a hurried one because you want to get it out of the way.

Tip 2: Make sure that your breath is fresh before you kiss. Brush your teeth and floss twice daily. When you can you want to chew gum, use breath mints or you can use breath freshener if you prefer. Also check to make sure that nothing is stuck in your teeth.

Tip 3: Make sure that your lips are not chapped. You want to use lip balm on a regular basis to keep your lips soft.

Tip 4: Donít forget to breathe. When you are kissing for any amount of time you want to make sure that you breathe through your nose. You donít want to break a kiss to start gasping for breath.

Tip 5: Use your hands. You can use your hands to make the kissing experience more romantic and exciting. Gently cup your partners face or run your hands in their hair. Whatever you do with your hands you donít want to put them somewhere that will make your partner uncomfortable. You also donít want to let your hands hang by your side. This can make you feel stiff.

Tips on what you donít want to do:

Tip 1: Donít try and give someone a kiss with your mouth wide open.

Tip 2: Leave your tongue in your mouth. Donít stick it out when you start the kiss. This will come a little later and should be done naturally.

Tip 3: When you do use your tongue donít try and choke your partner with it. You donít need to put it all the way down their throat.

Tip 4: Donít ever bite. This could hurt your partner and will make them not want to continue kissing you.

Tip 5: Donít ever force anything on your partner. When they indicate that they donít want to be kissed; respect that.

Tip 6: Donít make any groaning noises. This is rude and can make kissing very uncomfortable.

Tip 7: After the kiss is over you donít want to let the silence get uncomfortable. Say something romantic.

With these good kissing tips you will become the better kisser that you want to be in no time. It will take some practice. Plus the more that you kiss your partner the more comfortable both of you will be with it. You will also develop a kissing style that will suit both you and your partner.

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