Do You Have A Healthy Dating Relationship

At one time or another in your dating life you are going to ask yourself if you have a healthy dating relationship.

You may have heard about a book called "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" where the author goes into detail on how different men and women are and itís because of those differences that a lot of relationships tend to break down.

So let's see if we can help you decide if your relationship is healthy or not.

1) Trust

Healthy dating relationships are based on trust. Can you trust the person you are dating and do they trust you?

2) Respect

Another part of a healthy dating relationship is respect. Do you respect your partner and do they respect you?

Because men and women view things differently there will always be disagreements on things but having respect for your partner means that you allow them to be different and you can intelligently discuss things without killing each other.

Being able to talk things out rationally is a very good sign of mutual respect.

3) Friends

Can you talk to this person when you have a problem?

A healthy dating relationship means they are more than just your date, they are your friend and you can go to them to talk about anything that is on your mind.

Sharing your feelings with each other shows that you care about one another and there is something more there than just a physical attraction.

4) Company

If you like being around the person you are dating then you will generlly have a healthy relationship. When you look forward to being with them and they are fun to go out with this is a sign that your dating relationship is healthy and could develop into something more serious.

5) Secrets

In an unhealthy relationship you are not going to want to include them in your secrets. If this is the case you have to ask yourself why that is and if itís something you can get over and correct.

6) Patience

Are you patient when you are around the person you are dating and are they patient with you?

Consistently losing your temper is a sign of a bad relationship. You both should be able to always be yourself and trying to change someone is usually not a good idea because you can only change yourself.

In a healthy relationship the person you are dating will want to change themselves if they feel it will improve the time you spend together.

A healthy dating relationship is a great thing but an unhealthy one can be very bad.

How does yours measure up?

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