Ideas For A Fun Date To Freshen Up Your Relationship

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There are a lot of things that you can do on a date but coming up with ideas for a fun date will make your dating experience so much better and keep things fresh.

You can keep to the traditional going out to dinner and then a movie and this works well for a lot of people, however, it can get very boring very quickly if it's the only sort of date you ever go on.

Here are 10 ideas for a fun date.

Date Idea 1: Head to the zoo or an aquarium. Just because you are not a young kid doesnít mean you canít enjoy the zoo. You can walk around the zoo holding hands and sharing a snack while enjoying all the animals.

Date Idea 2: Have a candlelight picnic in your back yard. Just because it is night time doesnít mean you canít have a nice dinner outside. You can also bring out a radio so you can have some music and then dance with your partner.

Date Idea 3: Go to a couple of different cafes. You can have dinner at one and desert at another. Make sure that they are in walking distance so you can hold hands and enjoy the scenery together.

Date Idea 4: Take a horse drawn carriage ride around the park or around your town. You will have to see if this is available where you live. However, after the carriage ride you can go to any place that serves desert. Then share one with your date.

Date Idea 5: Go to a theme park. Some people wonít like this one but for those of you that do, go for it. Theme parks are always fun and this is a great way to act younger while being close to your date all day or night.

Date Idea 6: Go swimming at night just the two of you alone somewhere private.

Date Idea 7: Go to an art festival. Enjoy the sites and each other. Then find a quiet place where you can share a meal and talk.

Date Idea 8: Take a walk in the rain. When was the last time you let yourself go and did this? You can also dance in the rain. You will be wet but you will end up laughing a lot too.

Date Idea 9: Go ice skating. This is always fun. You will be able to hold each other while trying to stay on your feet. There will probably be a lot of laughter here too.

Date Idea 10: Go to a summer ball game. You can enjoy the game, put your arms around each other and enjoy a snack together.

These are just a few ideas for a fun date but there are hundreds more if you use your imagination. Be creative and come up with something that will have your partner saying, WOW!

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