Why Internet Dating Scams Can Happen To You

Internet dating scams happen everyday when unscrupulous people take advantage of the desperate or lonely. Someone who craves companionship is willing to believe almost anything because they want to believe what they are being told is true. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

You hear all kinds of stories. A 50 year old widow is tired of being home alone. She joins an internet dating service pays money over and over to end up with not one date. Loneliness and a desire to get active in the dating world caused her to be scammed. Not once, but several times. How sad!

Sometimes people are scammed because of the type of date they are looking for. A women wanting a man half her age. A middle age man with money dating a 20 year old women who gets him to do things he knows he shouldn't ends up cleaning him out.

Internet dating scams work because people let them work. A lot of this can happen by paying money overseas. Men are susceptible to this. Trying to buy a wife or find a mate through an international dating site. It happens all of the time to men from the U.S. and Canada.

They are lonely and do not feel they can get a women in their country. They join an international dating service and start paying monthly dues. Many times they end up with nothing or no more than a few worthless names of people they can never reach.

It certainly can happen locally as well. Just as in joining a health club that is always packed when you want to work out, you can be scammed online by joining an internet dating service that under delivers as well. Some of this, however, is the daterís own fault.

Itís so important before spending any money that you research and only join reputable dating services.

It is so easy to start an internet business that there are thousands of internet dating clubs to join. That does not make them reputable.

Online dating is all about making good choices and becoming educated on how the game is played. You certainly can meet people online, but that does not guarantee you much. You have to take the time to search for the right person or people that interest you. You have to be smart about meeting and dating them and smart about giving any personal information away.

Losing money to an internet dating scam does not have to happen to you. When in doubt deal only with an established and well known company. eHarmony or Match.com are 2 that come to mind. Whomever you choose take it slow, check them out, take a free trial, look before you leap, and do not become another internet dating scam victim.

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