Who Is Matthew Hussey

matthew hussey

Matthew Hussey's success with people began early on when he began speaking in front of audiences in the area of influencing people. Since then he has worked as a full time dating coach, appearing on channel 4 in 2007 for his coaching in London.

Having worked with over a thousand people in the area of personal relationships and communication, he has become an expert in developing confidence and the personal skills needed to become successful in the area of generating relationships, networking, and influencing people.

His own ability to influence and impact on others has led to his rapid recognition both as a private coach and a speaker in seminars for men and women alike. Feedback from his one-to-one training sessions proves just how successful he is at transferring these skills to others. His success in public speaking and understanding the psychology of people has allowed him to coach a huge variety of people on how to be more effective in every area of their lives.

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