Online Dating Advice To Help You Know What To Do And Not To Do

Online dating advice can help you have a far more enjoyable experience and it can also stop you from having a lot of the common problems encountered when dating online.

There are certain things that you want to do and certain things that you donít and in this article we look at some online dating advice which could help you to meet that special someone.

1. When you set up your profile you want to make sure that you always tell the truth. Lying on your profile will not help you meet your special someone. This can come back to haunt you because eventually you will trip up and actually tell someone the truth when they have read something different on your profile.

2. Always be yourself. You donít want to meet someone that you want to get to know better. Then later have to tell them that you have been pretending to be someone else.

3. You always want to use a picture of yourself and not someone else. When or if you want to meet someone face to face this will save you from embarrassment. This will also prevent you from losing that special someone if you do meet them online.

Most of this dating advice just requires a bit of common sense to figure out. However, you will be surprised at the number of people out there who actually donít follow the advice of people who know something about dating online. They then end up having a very bad experience and completely dismiss this great avenue for meeting interesting people from all over the world. Donít be one of them!

Dating doníts

1. Donít give out too much personal information. You donít want to give out information about where you live, except the city and state. Also, donít tell anyone where you work or how much you make. Things like this are something that you can tell someone later on if you want to when you know them a whole lot better. You can use your own judgment on whether or not to give out your phone number. Again, I say donít do this until you know a lot more about the person you are dating online.

2. Donít send anyone a picture of you in your birthday suit. Most people wouldnít do this anyway. However, there are some perverts out there. Donít be one of them.

When it comes to online dating advice it is very important to remember to use your own judgement. If something doesnít feel right with one person then move on to someone else. Unfortunately there are some very unscrupulous people out there who give online dating a bad name but they are very few and far between and if you use your common sense you will have lots of fun, not get into any trouble and maybe meet that special someone.

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