Jills Story - Online Romance Part 2

Jill's online romance

Part 2 - One Date Only!

Two messages! Thatís all!! Just two responses from the 50 that I sent. Thatís ridiculous! Why am I even wasting another night sitting in front of this...whatís this, another pop-up ad?

Oh, itís a chat window! No, itís two chat, OK, three chat windows. A round of ďHiĒs in every chat window.

Oh my gosh, now thereís five chat windows going on. Good thing Iím a great multi-tasker!

OK, apparently emailing is out and chatting is the way to go! In just three hours Iíve chatted with 13 people. I can barely keep up with looking at their profiles and juggling all the IMs. I canít believe that 22 year old who actually worked in a sandwich shop thought Iíd give him the time of day. Didnít he look at my profile and see Iím a professional, college-educated woman!

This guy in the bottom right corner of my screen is looking promising, weíve been chatting almost two hours. What? He wants to meet me for a drink tomorrow evening. Wow! Now things are really starting to happen. OK, Iíve got a date tomorrow at Bogartís at 6:15. Iíd better go figure out what to wear...

I am very proud of myself; that was a fantastic date! Iím surprised that I was so calm. I thought Iíd be a nervous wreck.

Everyone warns me about meeting people off the internet. But I donít think it was any big deal. We were in a public place, after all, and I had my cell phone and car keys at the ready.

But he was a nice guy, quite a gentleman. Not as handsome as Iíd hoped but definitely not ugly. And I love the Aviator shades! Iíve lost count how many times Iíve seen Top Gun, and those shades made me melt just like Charlie for Maverick.

Iím still not sure what the guy does though Ė I never really got a clear answer on his profession. Maybe he works in a burger joint and was just feeding me some bull about his important, ďclassifiedĒ job.

And he remembers me from high school! How weird is that? I was such a wall flower in high school; I canít imagine that anybody remembers me. I have no memory of him.

Did I tell him what school I graduated from when we were chatting?

I donít think so Ė we kept the conversation current day. So he must remember me. Hmmm, to remember me almost 20 years later, I must have left a good impression on him. Thatís a good sign. Iím sure heíll be calling me again. First thing when I get home Iím going to email him and tell him how much I enjoyed the drink and the conversation.

OK, the email is sent. I should just go organize my closet and take stock of my wardrobe until he contacts me again. Or I could watch Top Gun...I mean, it wouldnít be right to keep looking at other profiles and lead them on when Iíve already got a good thing going. Oh! There he is already, popping up in the top right corner this time.

Oops, different guy. But heís got his picture in his window and boy is he good looking. Now thatís the kind of looks I was hoping for. Well, it couldnít hurt to talk to him for a little bit. Iíll just keep it friendly.

Midnight! I canít believe Mr. Bottom Right Corner never popped up. But the Top Right guy has sure got my heart beating. Heís like a real cowboy. He lives outside the city on a ranch and raises his two boys. Yeah, who needs the city anyway?

I could so fit into that country lifestyle. The kids are 10 and 12. Theyíre half grown already. Iím sure I wouldnít have a problem being their step-mom. And weíre meeting for coffee tomorrow in a book store because he loves to read and so do I. This is going to be great.

Ahh! Mr. Top Right gave me a hug when he walked me to my car. This is definitely going to happen. And what a body too! Perfect life, here I come...Look, he sent me an email already. How did he get home so quickly?

Oh, it was nice to meet me but, ďIím not what heís looking forĒ. Best of luck in my search.

Jerk! Jerk with horse poop on his boots!

Forget him...I donít need horse poop on my boots anyway. I donít even own any boots. Iím moving on to Mr. Top Left Corner. Hmm, no picture, not even a profile. But he seems very pleasant, educated, talkative...letís see how this goes. Third timeís the charm.

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