Jills Story Of Online Romance Part 3

Jill's online romance

Part 3 - A Second Date!

Ugh, Iíve lost count of how many dates Iíve been on. My free trial period is almost up and I still havenít found anyone. All I ever get are first dates but no call backs. I donít understand it. I try so hard to do everything right, follow all the dating advice Iíve ever read, and I feel like Iím getting nowhere.

But then thereís Mr. Top Left Corner. I talk to him almost every night, for hours at a time. Sometimes he even messages me when heís working. That always feels so risquť. Heís so predictable though. Sometimes I imagine that heís married and his wife works nights and he logs on as soon as she leaves.

Would I want to be ďthe other womanĒ?

What does it matter, I donít think heís ever going to ask me out though. Iíve tried to hint and heís not taking them so Iím just going to come out and invite him to dinner. That way Iíll know whether this is going to go anywhere or if I should just close him out and move on.

Great! He accepted my invitation. And now heís sending me his picture. After all this time I get to see who my mystery man is. I donĎt care if heís 500 pounds, weíve been talking so long I just have to meet him. OK, opening the picture and...uh-oh...heís Asian! Yikes! Iíve never thought about dating an Asian guy before.

Wait, come on, you canít not meet him just because heís Asian. Remember your Diversity training. So yeah, Iíll meet him tomorrow at the steak house.

Here I sit, watching the door, waiting for another mystery date to arrive. Iím really nervous this time though Ė I hope it doesnít show. I think Iím nervous because heís Asian and that bothers me because I donít want to be nervous about something like that.

Is he already seated? Maybe so, here comes someone up the aisle. It could be him, definitely Asian. Heís reaching out to me so it must be him. Weíre hugging before the date even starts! And suddenly heís not an Asian guy, heís my friend who Iíve known for months already.

After we both order chicken at a steak house and laugh about it, I look across the table into his eyes. I donít even notice the slant and the lack of eyelid. All I can think about is seeing those eyes looking back at me after a passionate kiss. I have this overwhelming urge to see those eyes up close, nose to nose, lip to lip, tongue to tongue...

Oh, focus, focus, I hope that thought didnít show on my face!

Weíre having a great conversation. Heís even convinced me that heís not scarred after his divorce and Iím throwing my usual bias against divorced men out the window because I can tell heís handled it really well.

As I turn on my computer I wonder what it wouldíve been like if heíd kissed me when he walked me to the car.

ďHey thereĒ my upper left corner says.

ďHi!Ē I type as I melt into my chair.

Can I ask u something?

Of course.

When I walked you 2 your car, could I have kissed you?


Can I bring a pizza over Saturday night?

Depends, will you kiss me?



Wow! A second date! I canít believe it. This is huge. This is fantastic. This has never happened to me before! And Iíll get to look into those eyes up close when he kisses me...

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