Jills Story - Online Romance Part 4

Jill's online romance

Part 4 - New ID, Same People!

Here I sit, all over again, drafting a profile. Sigh. I miss my Asian Amour. I miss seeing his box pop up in the top left corner. I still remember our two dates like it was yesterday. That first hug at the steak house when I just melted into him. And our second date Ė I thought he was just going to kiss me. Mmmm, it was a little more than that. Iím sure I went beyond recommended second date behavior.

I guess I was just so thrilled to have a second date at all. Iíll always wonder if moving too fast was what caused us to not move at all.

I mean, we had a 7-month relationship. But we NEVER went out in public. Heíd just come over late at night and weíd ďsnuggleĒ. Hah! ďSnuggleĒ, it sounds so innocent like that fabric softener bear. Hey, I donít care what he wanted to call it Ė it was good. So we chatted almost every night and once every few weeks weíd ďsnuggleĒ. And then he said we were through. Yeah, Iím sure he was married. But if he wasnít, I know we could have been good together. We always had great conversations...and great snuggling!

Well, now that the holidays are past Iím ready to start again. This time instead of an ID based on my favorite city Iím going to choose something that shows my character and my religious beliefs. Maybe that will attract the right sort of guy.

Two weeks with my new ID and no luck so far. All the emails Iíve gotten are total losers. And all the profiles I see are the same ones I saw with my old ID. Sigh. Letís see what today brings...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

OK, get a hold of yourself. But how funny is that? Although, maybe itís not funny, maybe it shows we were meant to be. Wasnít there a song about such a situation? Da, da, da, da, come with me and escape.

Alright my Asian Amour, Iím going to have a little fun with you before I reveal my true self! First Iíll reply to your email and ask about your favorite music. Once you reply Iíll ask if you like Rupert Holmes. You probably wonít know him but youíll ask what type of music he plays and then Iíll send you an MP3 file of the ďEscapeĒ song and then youíll ask what that was for and then Iíll reveal myself.

Alright, email sent. Ha, I still canít believe he replied to my new ID. Iím sure he doesnít know itís me because I made everything different, other than vital statistics. So he didnít want a relationship with me the first time but heís still looking.

Yep, he was surprised. Sigh. Iím so glad he agreed to try again. But this time, Iím going to promise myself Iím not going to save myself just for him. He obviously isnít dedicated to me. So Iíll see him every few weeks and see others in between. I mean thatís what he said all along but I couldnít do it the first time. I kept hoping heíd settle down with me. So, Iíve really got to get my brain in a new place, a ďplayerĒ place.

Wow, I never thought Iíd be a player!

I never thought Iíd be ďsnugglingĒ with one guy and having first dates with others. But Iím excited about it. Yeah, I can do this. A whole new me to go with my whole new ID. Even though I picked my new ID to show my true character and this is so against my self, against my morals. But maybe this is how the dating game is played. Maybe Iím finally catching on.

And speaking of on, whoís this guy popping up on my bottom left corner. Oh yeah, I talked to him the other day. He was nice.

Another two weeks gone by and my Asian Amour who said weíd try again hasnít even shown his face at my front door. But we chat every night. I really donít understand this guy! Here we are, chatting again.

Then thereís the bottom left corner. We always chat before dinner. And tonight he asked me out to dinner. Oh great! Now he wants to come over and snuggle. Does he know I just made a date for tomorrow? Maybe heís Mr. Bottom Left Corner too. Maybe heís teasing me like I teased him with that song. Maybe thatís why bottom leftie wonít show me his picture until we meet face to face. Well, snuggling is always fun and the mystery will be revealed tomorrow. For now, I better sign off and go shower...

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