Jills Story - Online Romance Part 5

Jill's online romance

Part 5 - Life's Little Suprises!

Ahhh, one more sniff of the pillow case and Iím out the door, off to meet the mysterious bottom left corner. I really should focus on this new guy but, ahhh, I love the smell of his cologne.

OK, here I am sitting in the lobby of the buffet wearing my red shirt and black capris so he can recognize me. Ha, like he needs clothing to recognize me. I know itís going to be my Asian Amour. Heck, heíd probably recognize me better without clothing.

Whew, I think Iím blushing and now this man is walking towards me and making eye contact and itís not him. I mean, it must be him the guy Iím meeting but not him who I thought would be surprising me.

Wow! I didnít realize Iíd be so disappointed. OK, take a deep breath; youíve got to be fair to this guy.

Well, heís sort of sexy in a rustic, Marlboro Man sort of way.

Oh well, another first date Iíll never hear from again. Not much conversation and he didnít even walk me to my car.

Back at home...what to doÖIím so depressed I donít even feel like getting on the computer. Was that an IM I heard ringing in?

What do you know, itís the Marlboro Man. And heís not blowing me off. He wants to go to a movie with me. Why? Oh well, what have I got to lose?

Awh, he brought me flowers, how sweet. Do I even have a vase to put them in? Iíd better go find one in the kitchen.

Back in a flash to the front room where heís...looking at my pictures. Yikes! I hope thereís nothing incriminating. Iíve already lost one date because I had a picture of my Asian guy on my desk. But I think I put them all away this time.

WHAT WAS THAT! I touched his arm to see if he was ready and I swear sparks flew like a 4th of July sparkler. I didnít even plan to touch him, it just happened.

I canít stop touching this guy! In the truck I wanted to sit in the middle just to be near him. And he held my hand all through the movie. The arm rest was really uncomfortable in that position but I didnít care because he feels so good. Now I know what Bon Jovi meant when they said, ďFeels like cominí homeĒ. And he came in for just a minute but that was hours ago, weíve just been talking non-stop. Except for the kisses which, oh my gosh, more electric than touching him.

Weíve only been on three dates and heís inviting me to Puerto Rico for a week. And my sister says I should go for it. I thought sheíd tell me to be cautious. My mom even offered to water my plants while Iím gone. So I guess Iíll go.

All my life people told me that when they fell in love with their spouse they just knew it was the one. I never believed that it happened like that but now Iím living proof. I just know Iím supposed to marry my Marlboro Man. And the best part is that he knows it too. Three dates and one vacation and weíre both talking about marriage. Nothing too soon, weíll take a little time, but weíre not getting any younger.

Iíll have to tell my Asian sweetie that I finally found the one. Heíll be happy for me. And to think, I almost wrote Mr. Marlboro Man off because our first date was so unimpressive.

Life is full of surprises!!

The preceding five part short story was based on true events. The author and her Marlboro Man were married a little less than one year after their first date. A year and a half later they welcomed the birth of their son who is now almost 2.

Everyone at My-Dating-Advice.com would like to thank Jill for writing in and wish her and her family all the best for the future.

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