Jill's Online Romance Story

This is Jill's story of online romance....

Part 1 - Taking the Plunge

I canít believe Iím 35 and never been married. This is not how I imagined my life. Not only am I not married; Iím not even seeing anyone. At this point, I donít even have a glimpse of hope for any type of successful long-term relationship.

Iíve tried everything I can think of to meet a nice guy. Iíve flirted with co-workers, joined a cycling club, changed my work-out schedule, taken community ed courses, volunteered as a soccer coach at the YMCA, made sure to dress nice and smile at the grocery store, gone to seminars, visited practically every church in the city with a Singles group and even invited my non-gay hairdresser to lunch.

Iíve lost weight, bought a new wardrobe, and read books to make sure Iím not sending off the wrong signals. But nothing has worked. So, thereís only one thing left to do.

Well, actually there are two things I could do. I never took my momís advice to join a square dancing group. I am just not the country bumpkin type.

So that leaves trying to find an online romance.

Iím just going to do the free trial period; Iím sure Iíll be able to find someone by then. I had my secretary take some pictures of me down on the Plaza level, where all the gardens are. I hope thatís not cheating Ė I donít want someone to think itís my garden. I am not a gardener, I am even worse at gardening than at dating. But it shouldnít matter because Iím not going to post my picture right away.

Iíve been working on my profile for three nights now. I think Iím finally happy with how it sounds. Not too desperate, somewhat mysterious, a little bit naughty, but not promising anything I wonít deliver. Iíve decided Iím not going to post my picture. I know all the Help topics on the dating site say that profiles with pictures get more hits. But, Iíve decided, if someone is that shallow that they wonít read about me without knowing what I look like then I probably donít want an online romance with them anyway. Iíll have a picture on hand though so I can email it to them if Iím interested.

Today Iím skipping the after work happy hour and going straight home for a bag of popcorn, a diet soda, and a full night of profile browsing.

Whew! I thought Iíd never get through rush hour traffic today. Now Iím finally home and booting up the old PC. Ewh Ė cinnamon flavored popcorn is not that good...okay, here we go. Let me say a silent prayer as I press the Submit button. The profile is posted Ė now for the shopping!

Hmmm...what age am I looking for? 35 Ė 45 sounds good. I could go a little younger, maybe down to 33. I donít even think a man matures until at least 32. I really donít care about height but the weight should definitely be proportionate Ė hmmm, thereís no selection criteria for that.

OK, skip it.


Well, Iím on the Diversity Committee at work so I really shouldnít care about race, should I? But some races are so lazy. Others are so possessive...nope Ė not going there. Thatís unfair of me! Iíll just meet the guy and then decide.


Well, I donít want him to work in a sandwich shop, thatís for sure! OK, clicking the Match button and Wow! There are a lot of potential matches, thatís a good sign.

What time is it? Midnight! OK, Iím just going to do one more. Oh my gosh! Itís 1 a.m. I canít believe Iím still sitting here looking at profiles. Well, good thing Iím not charged per profile!

I think I responded to over fifty ads. I canít wait to see who answers me tomorrow. Iím definitely going to bed now. I feel accomplished and filled with hope. I will close my eyes to visions of handsome, hunky men who smile as they read my profile and eagerly respond. I hope my Inbox can handle all those messages!

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