Tina's Online Stalker Part 3

Tina's story continues about her online stalker...

Part 3

The Private Calls continued. The police and the phone company put a trace on my phone line. I now had to answer the calls so they could be trapped and located.

An email from his friend showed up. Then another. I printed them, but did not reply. I felt that things were still boiling, and I would know soon if it would explode.

They did. On a Friday afternoon, I got an email from him. This was all my fault, I was a child, I needed to talk and get this over with and by the way, an ex of mine has HIV so you should be tested.

The floor opened up. The Earth stopped spinning while I comprehended the gravity of what that could mean. In reality, I knew it was most likely a ploy to get me to call, but the fear is overwhelming. The “what ifs” raced through my mind...I had to breathe. I had to think.

I drove to the Health Department in tears. What if he wasn’t lying about this? I took the test and had to wait 7 excruciatingly miserable days for the results. Every day I wavered between fear, anger and complete rage. Fear of what if...anger for putting myself in this position...rage for him to tell me this if it was a ploy. What a horrible thing to do to a person. I had kids at home!

My test came back fine. The relief pored from my skin. For a few days...

I had a strange message from my ex, then one from my boyfriend. My boss called before I could call anyone back. We all had email. A suicide note. Suicide is a serious issue, but at this point it was my third suicide note from him, and they all blamed me of course. I still had some rage from having to take an HIV test, so I was half hoping he wasn’t kidding this time.

I printed the note and searched newspapers online near where he said he was doing it. Nothing. A ploy like all the others. The next day I had an email message from the friend confirming they found him. Right. I’ve learned to read between, over, under and across the lines with them. It didn’t say dead body, found him dead, or who even found him. I was getting ticked. Not to mention I had a Private Call that morning – after it was supposedly too late for me to call. The dead must have access to cell phones now.

More printing emails and a trip to the police. Again. They promised to call the state where he “was found” and get to the bottom of the story. The phone trap calls had also come back, and it was his cell phone number making the calls. The police were also going to take all the evidence to the Prosecutor’s office and see what could be done.

Every strange car that drives by my cul-de-sac, every unknown call raises my suspicion. I have turned paranoid, and find myself distracted often. How would I run out of the house with both kids if I needed to? Do I confront him on the porch if he shows up? Should I invest in a weapon?

The school has him on their watch list. My children can’t go home with anyone without my approval, prior notification or a valid driver’s license. I have tried to keep all of the information from them, but kids are perceptive. I am in a funk and can’t seem to shake loose the fear, guilt and anger over the whole situation. Will this nightmare ever end?

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