Tina's Online Stalker Part 4

The final part of Tina's story about her online stalker...

Part 4

The cops were impressed at the length of the lies he was telling. They ranked him at the top of their list for being the worst case of stalking they had seen. The cops actually looked forward to when I came in and brought them new reading material.

Imagine my non-surprise, when two months later the emails started coming again. And to accompany those, he started posting his version of happenings on professional forums. Since I work from home as a freelancer, I depend on my reputation for work. He knew that and was trying to damage it.

To make matters worse, he was picking up women on these forums. He was convincing them I was in the wrong and telling them his version of events, and then they were contacting ME, telling me what a fool I was to let him go! I responded once with a short note saying it wasn’t as they were told and to look out. I wanted to tell them the truth, but I let it go when they were adamant that I was a mental case. I had to delete my accounts because I couldn’t stand seeing someone else being duped in to his world of lies.

To make a long story short, the emails and messages continued. For a year. Then another. It has now been over two years, and nothing has been done to stop him. The county I live in will not pay to extradite him on a misdemeanor charge. He lives across state lines, and he knows the arm of the law is only so long. If I chose, I could pay for extradition, but it wouldn’t be reimbursed. So much for the law. The police are frustrated because their hands are tied. It’s not a complete bust though: they have been entertained by the 300 to 400 pages of emails and blog postings he has created. They say I should write a book.

The icing on the cake – if there is any – was an email I just had a week ago. It was from the woman who told me I was a fool for letting go of such a great man. Well, the great man showed his true colors to her finally. She had caught herself in a bunch of his lies. Then she discovered more. She was actually apologizing for what she had done before. After I read her note, the only thought going through my head is the phrase, “People of integrity expect to be believed. When they are not, they let time prove them right.”

Do I feel happy I was right?

Nope. I just want it to be over!!

The preceding four part short story was based on true events and I'd like to thank Tina for her willingness to share her story on the site in the hope others don't fall in to similar traps.

Meeting people online is, on the whole, a very fulfilling experience as long as you are careful before taking the plunge.

As Tina mentioned, there were little red flags kept cropping up along the way and so many people just brush these aside thinking they are being paranoid but it's vitally important to trust your instincts and, if you feel something isn't right, stop and make sure before continuing on with the relationship.

If you are still unsure about what to look out for when building relationships online then check out the articles at our Dating Do's and Don'ts and Internet Dating Homepages for some great information to keep you safe from scammers.

Our best wishes go out to Tina in her quest to stop her online stalker.

Have you ever had a dating disaster like Tina's?

If so we would love to hear from you. Simply contact us with your name, email address and a brief outline of your story and we will do our best to get back to you and try to get it up on the site as a warning to others.

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