A Pure Romance Idea To Really Impress Your Date

Dating can be hard enough when you are trying to get to know someone, especially pure romance dates. Coming up with ideas for your date can be even harder. You donít just want to do the same thing every time as this will get very boring very quickly.

Coming up with a pure romance idea is really difficult for a lot of people so I am going to give you some help that will have your date thinking you are the best guy to have ever walked on earth.

You will want to plan your romantic date a few days ahead of time so that you can have everything ready when the time comes.

Decide who you want to use for the various stages and get the details taken care of ahead of time.

Choose a time that your woman will be away from you all day. Then find out where she will be in the morning and right after lunch. Now here is what you do.

Write your lady a note and have it sent to her special delivery at her destination for that morning. Write something like: I miss you so much. Get ready because today is going to be pure romance. This will make her know that you are up to something special and keep her wondering.

Then you want to have a florist deliver a dozen flowers to her at wherever she is going to be right after lunch.

Here is what the different colors of flowers mean: red and white roses mean unity, true love and innocence; red and white carnations mean admiration and pure love. You can have some babyís breath thrown into to show happiness.

While youíre at it order some rose petals, you will use these later in the evening. Donít forget to add a card that says something like; this is just another part to your romance day and ask her to meet you at your house or a park. Anywhere you want to do this is your choice. Just make sure that she knows where to meet you to find out what the rest of her romance day consists of.

Now it is time for you to get to work. You will want to get some wine, the makings of a good dinner. Again it doesnít matter what you cook so make something that you are good at but dress it up a little with a salad, rolls or something that will go well with the main course.

Donít forget dessert.

Usually something with chocolate will go down well since every woman Iíve ever known seems to loves chocolate. Now get some candles, soft romantic music, a center piece of flowers and whatever else you think will make it a romantic evening for your special woman.

Once everything is prepared you will need to get yourself ready. Take a shower, shave and change your clothes. Make yourself look your best. Then when your special woman shows up you can have a small sign hanging up that says to follow the rose petal path to romance. Once she does she will find you waiting for her with a wonderful dinner and the perfect end to her romantic day.

This is just one pure romance idea that you can use. There are all kinds of things that you can do if you just take the time to think about it. You can be full of romance with a little thought and effort on your part.

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