Reasons Why Not to Join an Online Dating Site

Most people are aware of the pros of trying an online dating site (convenience, shy-friendly, efficient, cheap), but rarely are the cons talked about. So, what are some reasons not to join an online dating site?

Too Public

When you join an online dating site, chances are you're going to see the profiles of a few people you know. This means that, chances are, they're going to see yours too. The smaller the area you live in, the more likely it is someone you know will find your online dating profile. If you live in New York for example, you might be able to get by without anyone important seeing your online dating profile. But in smaller markets it can get kind of incestuous. If you have a career to worry about and bosses or clients that you don't want seeing your personal information, avoid online dating.


Let's face it: online dating is essentially meeting strangers online and foraging relationships with them. There have been thousands of success stories from this recipe, but a few nightmare scenarios too. Remember that until you actually meet face to face with the person, you can never be totally sure if they're trustworthy. With that in mind, avoid giving out too many personal details until you know you're communicating with someone you can trust.


Some online dating sites are free, some can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, the free dating sites usually suck which means if you're serious about online dating, you're probably going to have to pony up some cash. If you're on a tight budget, this could be another reason to steer clear of online dating.


Online dating is becoming more and more mainstream. However, there are still some people who think it's "pathetic" or "weird" that someone would have to turn to the internet to find a date. Even though you and I might think it's perfectly normal, that doesn't mean everyone is in agreement with us. Bear this in mind when disclosing to others that you joined an online dating site. Not everyone may be understanding.

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