Bullet Proof Self Confidence

If The Opposite Sex Leaves You Long On Passion But Short On Self Confidence With More Failures Than Successes – Then You Have To Read This Book.

“BULLET PROOF SELF CONFIDENCE: Learning the Art of Dating and Confidence” – REVEALS:

Looks are deceiving – learn how to make what you have work for you

Confidence: Nature or Nurture – This one will really shock you – don’t worry -- chock full of surefire solutions

Accepting Yourself – If there’s a key to confidence building – this is it – and this book is loaded with strategies on how to get it

Arrogant & Stuck-Up – What others see most of the time is really SHYNESS – read how to nip it in the bud

Flaws -- Everybody’s Got Them -- But If You Have These Issues:

• Difficulty maintaining a relaxed body posture

• Avoiding eye contact

• Inability to find the words to carry on a conversation

• Mild blushing, sweating, abdominal discomfort

• Not hearing what someone is saying because you cannot concentrate

You’re probably Shy – Or Even Worse, If You –

• Avoid places where other people will be because they are there to judge you

• Are afraid people will make fun of you about...

• Almost always sweat profusely, blush, or have a panic attack when around other people

• Meet someone new you think that they think you are a loser

• Avoid places and people because you think you will invariably make a fool of yourself

And If You Have A Problem With Any One Of These...

• Weight issues

• Appearance

• Intelligence level

• Socio-economy class

• Unfamiliar situations

You really have to read this book! And use these step-by-step, time-proven, neurological techniques that work every time!

The Internet is loaded with books on dating, and if you’re reading this you have probably bought some of them. And naturally they didn't work.


“...The Problem Is They Promise The World And Ask Nothing From You”

Yes, it's because the problem is they promise you the world and ask nothing from you -- Uncover Powerful Insider Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Sex Life And Make Men And Women Beg You To Date Them - No matter what you look like!

There is no way you can change other people's thoughts without working on yourself.

If you are the sort of person that believes in this one-size-fits-all, quick-fix miracle that somehow magically transforms you while you wait in passive expectation...then you probably should leave now -- this book is NOT for you.

I don't want you to read this book and then write and say that it doesn't work because you were looking for a miracle. Don’t get me wrong, this book is a miracle – just not that kind of miracle.

“In A Very Short Time You Become A Confident, Attractive Lover”

What this book will do is – in a very short time -- change you into a confident, attractive lover. Notice I said change you – that’s the difference between this book and the others – you work on changing yourself and not someone else – and in the meantime you become a much better person for it – more than you believed possible.

Your self confidence and opposite-sex appeal multiplies exponentially as you work through the book and apply the confidence building techniques I give you.

This book is filled with simple exercises and strategies -- so easy that anyone can do them.

“It Works You From The Inside Out”

ANY person who can read and write (which is what you are doing right now) CAN master “BULLET PROOF SELF CONFIDENCE: Learning the Art of Dating and Confidence.” This is like a comprehensive course on building self confidence that is filled with simple exercises and strategies – that can dramatically change your life within a few weeks.

“What’s different about this book is that it works you from the inside out and it only works if you work the book.”

In the last few years I have read tons of books on dating and seduction and spent I don’t know how much money on buying best-selling books and Internet courses. I took their advice and rearranged my life around their thinking. I guess you could call me a self-help guru – if it will get you dates then I’ve probably got it.

Most of them don’t work in real life. Why? Again, because most of the time invested is in trying to persuade or change the other person...

In theory it sounds good because most of these books based on changing yourself to suit another offer an easy fix we WANT to believe. But try doing that in real life for any length of time and you’ll see, if not live through, the embarrassing flaws of this type of program.

Sometimes this philosophy can backfire and can actually RUIN your chances.

“Model Your Self Confidence After A Positive Ideal”

But little by little I started modeling confidence and found it almost interchangeable with success. All the research and reading led me to certain patterns that would crop up again and again -- certain techniques that would work in virtually ANYTHING, from love and dating to money and career – and they were all related to confidence.

It was bizarre.

These characteristics had something in common – what? I wasn’t sure – but what I was sure of was when you work on developing your self confidence and routinely build up your self image with confidence techniques – you can’t help but notice the pattern. They just WORK!

“Practice Anywhere & Everywhere On Anybody & Everybody – And You May Just Surprise Yourself!”

I’ve used these self confidence techniques repeatedly, in different environments and under different circumstances -- and they would produce the results I wanted, time and again.

In other words, it took the guess work out of dating. There is a technique to making yourself and another person feel comfortable and attracted to you – and developing your character at the same time – but it begins with you. And it takes a little work.

It was no longer a HIT AND MISS.

It was as easy as making a cake: you add flour, sugar and the other ingredients in the correct proportion, bake at the same temperature for the same amount of time and you always get the same delicious cake – no matter what.

You could even say it got MONOTONOUS: I knew exactly what end results I was going to get and the more comfortable I became with the techniques the more fun I found using them because the new people I met were always interesting and different.

“This Is Something You Can Do -- Predictably And Repeatedly”

If you follow the self confidence exercises in this book and develop model confidence you should be able to approach any man or woman and within a few minutes make that person feel comfortable and attracted to you without pretense.

Now, you can do it, too -- predictably and repeatedly.

If there is an incredible secret to this book – this is it. How much do you think an amazing secret like this would cost?

Hundreds of dollars?

Maybe. Because with this ability can change your life so dramatically, you will be blown away.

Think about it...

How valuable is it to you to walk up to an attractive stranger and easily and effortlessly start a conversation?

Here Is Just A Taste Of What “BULLET PROOF SELF CONFIDENCE” Can Do For You...

If you don’t know what to do or say on your first date you’ll find a series of topics & techniques that have virtually a 100% success rate

How to avoid negative talk during a date – a recipe for disaster

Compliments and Sweet Nothings – what they mean and how to handle them – shine them off and it’s the same as rejecting a gift

Appearance & Body – More for the men than the ladies but there are a few essentials you need to do to get the ball over the net

How to be happy and comfortable with yourself and accept you for who you are – get this strategy down and it’s worth triple the price of this book

Why guys should check their hands before a date

Women: How to key your emotions before a date -- a great trick that you should practice until it’s second nature

How to handle the ex-boyfriend girlfriend topic

When everything goes wrong this trick will restore self confidence and rapport

Mirror & lemon tricks – Practice these and you’ll think you’re ten feet tall and bullet proof.

#1 fear for guys & ladies and how to handle it

Change: Why it scares you and why you need it – but most of all, how to deal with it

Eliminate this one word from your life and everything else is clear sailing – you don’t even realize how many times you say it during the day

unique surefire ways to initiate contact without sounding corny

Discover the kind of people you have to have around you to build confidence – and which ones you have to fire

If you can’t spot the one who is sabotaging you – this will help

Yes, there is a technique to dating and you’re about to acquire it

Self confidence building exercises guaranteed to fire you up quickly – make you a better person and make you feel invincible

Crisis management when you feel your self confidence ebbing – self-correcting exercises that remove negative thoughts and make you laugh

Taking control – neat exercises that will save you a bundle in counseling and help you take control of your life --

Use these scripts to help you accept change

Once you’ve got this you will not only get a lover but you will find it soooooo easy to hold onto one – and as an added bonus these techniques will improve your

• Mood

• Energy

• Control

• Make you more attractive to the opposite sex

Let's face it...

"Probably 90% of people live lives of quiet desperation. They don't have the right job, enough money, or the right mate and most of all – pay attention to this --they aren't happy with who they are. They want to do better but they don't know HOW.”

Don’t be one of them. Now you know HOW.

Life coaches and therapists routinely charge upwards of $125 a session for the same confidence building techniques and strategies that are used in this book.

I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to use:

• role playing

• scripts

• relaxation

• imagery

• focusing

• self hypnosis

• deep breathing

• positive thinking

• visualization

How much would you spend on a personal coach? Perhaps a few thousand dollars or more for a year of work?

This book has so many sections that deal with self esteem, weight issues, shyness and NEGATIVITY. You will learn to use some of the very same techniques offered by personal coaches and therapists and I will give you examples and exercises that you can use to help you feel bullet proof!

Most of all, you’ll get similar instruction for a fraction of what others pay elite professionals!

Still not sure? Okay, Since “BULLET PROOF SELF CONFIDENCE” Is The First Book In The Series And because I want everyone to be able to experience the true value of it's content and acheive great results simply and easily...I am cutting the original $47 price to an Introductory $19.97 and offering a full 8 week money back guarantee as a special offer to visitors of this website for a very limited period of time.

The bottom line is get it at this introductory price while you can because the offer won’t last long.

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