Q&A's September 2007

Here are your questions for September 2007.

Sinead from Ireland asks

How do I let a guy know i like him without actually telling him?

Sissy says

This is a great question and one that many wonder! Basically, there are a ton of ways that can help you give him the hint without blurting out, "I LIKE YOU"! Seriously, there is a great deal of unspoken language in body language, flirting, eye contact and such that can give him the hint quickly. Looking into his eyes, accidentally bumping in to him... etc. Do a little research on flirting with body language. I was also just informed that the site is getting ready to publish a self help book on reading body language so you may want to give it a try!! Good luck!

Sabrina from California asks

Sissy I have a problem. this guy i've liked for 7 years was finally going out with me. But now he says he wants to be friends. I don't know how to get over him.

Sissy says

It may sound cruel, but the fastest way to mend a broken heart is to find a new man. Put your dancing shoes on and hit the town. You deserve someone that wants you as a girlfriend so do not waste another minute on this guy!

Anonymous asks

when do you move in for a first kiss if you're a girl, and your guy is too shy?

Sissy says

Sometimes you just know when it is time for the first kiss, but other times it is hard to tell. In todays world women are not waiting around on the guy at all for that first kiss. Wait until you are both alone and looking into one another's eyes, gently lean in and give him a kiss. You may want to try a simple and sweet kiss on the lips (saving the french kiss for later). This will give you a good idea of when the time is right without too much commitment! Good luck to you.

Marie from Texas asks

Me and my ex husband have been divorced for 10 years and I have now gotten close to his brother and we really hit it off. Would this be wrong?

Sissy says

This is a bit of a sticky situation and difficult question to answer. Do you have a good relationship with your Ex or is it difficult? Also you want to avoid causing family issues because it can strain your relationship greatly.

Honestly, I would avoid it unless your Ex has spoken peace with the situation.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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