Teen Dating Sites

There are many different teen dating sites you can go online and hang out at. You have to, however, be cautious about where you are and who you talk to online and there are many dangers to be aware of when you are at these sites. The internet brings out the good and, unfortunately, the bad when it comes to dating.

In this article we are going to look at a few of the most reputable and safe teen dating sites.

Yahoo Personals

Yahoo personals is a great dating site. Most teenagers already have a Yahoo account they use for email so it is natural for them to set up a Yahoo personals account as well. To set up a profile on Yahoo you must be 18 years old.

This helps to eliminate teenagers who are too young from getting an online profile. You can browse other profiles, read success stories, and find more articles on internet dating at Yahoo Personals.


Match.com is the world's largest online dating site. They have a section for teen dating as well. You can look at pictures and profiles for free.

Beliefnet's Soulmatch

Here you will find a profile that focuses on the quality of a person's character and faith. Beliefnet's Soulmatch and Yahoo! Personals have joined forces to create the biggest and most active community of spiritual online daters anywhere.


Links2Love has a teen section where you can find all kinds of information on teen dating. It is a very interactive site with advice on such things as kissing and dating. You can take a relationships quiz to see how well you are doing in the relationship you are in now. Other topics include body language, gift ideas, and flirting.

A word of caution when it comes to teen dating sites. This really applies to teenage girls. If you have seen any of the shows on television about online predators you know that there are many sick men preying on teenage girls on the internet. You really have to be careful about knowing who you are talking to online and not giving out personal information.

This includes things like your home or cell phone number, your home address, your real name or where you go to school.

You can enjoy talking online, but make sure you take it slow.

Anyone that is too eager to get together is probably someone to avoid. If they are pushing you for personal information then back away. Reputable teen dating sites do their best to screen members, but it is easy for losers to get online as well. Just be careful.

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