Fun Valentines Date Ideas

Looking for Valentines date ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place.

One good thing about Valentines Day is it comes every year. One bad thing about Valentines Day is it comes every year. If you feel like you let your partner down each time then we are here to help you out.

Here are 4 creative Valentines Date ideas that will be sure to please your partner and make a hero out of you this time round.

1. Go Back To The Future.

How about going on a date back to where your first date was.

If your first date was a flop you get a re-do. If your first date was the start of something big for you then you get a chance to bring back a sweet memory and maybe even make it better.

Go to the same restaurant. Rent the same movie you saw at the cinema. Go to the same bar and dance the night away. Whatever it was do it on Valentines Day!

2. The Sound Of Music. Do you have a song that is your song? Maybe a performer you both saw in person?

Create a CD of all of the special music you can think of. The internet makes it easy to download music through iTunes, or even on Rhapsody into an iPod.

Maybe you already have the CD's and can compile several songs into one CD just for her and give it to her on a Valentine's date.

3. Let's Go Hunting. No not with a gun. Unless you are both avid hunter's how about doing a scavenger hunt.

I saw my son and high school girlfriend have a great time doing this one year. You start with one present and a note that leads to the next present.

The presents can be anything traditional like perfume and chocolates to fun things that mean something to you like movie tickets or a dinner for 2 to your favorite restaurant. Start with the first one in the car and a note to lead to dinner, a movie, a coffee shop etc.

This will be one of the best scavenger hunts you ever went on and you can tie it into a cool Valentines date.

4. Bed 'n' Breakfast. You may not be able to hit this on the exact day, but as close as possible take a get away weekend to a bed 'n' breakfast. No cooking or cleaning here!

Spring and go for one that has a separate suite next to the main house. Many of them include fully stocked movies and dvd player. A fireplace and hot tub is not uncommon.

The key is that you have everything provided for you and you can really relax and have the best Valentines date ever.

Valentines day really is all about thought. The traditional flowers and chocolates can sometimes wear a bit thin as they are easy and dont require a lot of effort on your part.

To truely make the day special you need to show that you have spent time thinking about the other person and what they would like. Its not really that difficult to come up with a lot of fun valentines date ideas if you just spend some time sitting down with a piece of paper and a pen.

We have given you 4 fun Valentines date ideas that do not have to be too expensive, but can show you really care for each other and are trying to have the best Valentines Day ever. There are also many more other ideas available if you spend a bit of time checking out the rest of the site.

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