What Men Want

Matthew Hussey

Only one thing right?


I implore any women out there still stuck in this mind set to get out of it NOW!

Sure, it might feel good to wax lyrical about how you and your girlfriend's problems would ALL be solved if you could just find a man who doesn't harbour his brain between his legs. But this mentality won't get you far. It's the oldest psychology self-fulfilling prophecy in the book: Convince yourself what men want is sex, and guess what kind of men you're going to meet?

Repeat something enough as the truth, and soon it WILL BE the truth.

If you take the time to really understand what men want, it will revolutionise your relationships. When you know what men want you'll be surprised at what a emotional creature that flirtatious skirt-chaser really is.

Still disagree?

Well let me lay a bombshell. Over the years we've met guys. LOTS of guys. And guess what? Some of them are having sex...regularly. And guess what else? Many of these men are miserable, bored or even lonely in their relationships. It appears the old adage is true 'Man cannot live on sex alone'.

Sex might be one thing men NEED in a relationship (and women too!), but what men WANT, what will keep them in the long-term, requires a little more work.

Cheap Trick said it best: "I Want You to Want Me". It's not enough for men to snatch the belle of the ball. They want to be reminded that you have CHOSEN them, that out of your many proposals; they alone possess a special quality that the others didn't. It's true. A lot of women forget this, but men are extremely turned on when you let them know how much you want them.

But there's a balance to be struck.

Here's the deal: A man may love the idea of being the MOST important thing in your life, but he must never be the ONLY important thing in your life.

Some women become addicts, giving up their social lives, hobbies, sports, or even girlfriends to dote on their man, phone their man, text their man, think about their man. He becomes her emotional crutch. This isn't romantic, it's suffocating! The only type of man that will be attracted to a woman with this kind of needy, unfulfilled life will be exactly the sort of man you don't want to attract. I.e. insecure and easily threatened.

Not being able to function without your man is an UNATTRACTIVE quality, and as soon as he realises you have little else going for you, be sure he'll be planning his escape.

On the flipside, men go crazy for women who have their own exciting, outrageous, passionate lives; women who can find fun with or without men. Women who can stand on their own two feet are sexy! And not in the hardened, cynical, ball-busting, career woman stereotype you might have in mind (which grates on most men like a jackhammer).

Yes, independence is part of it, but what men want to see is emotional independence. The most powerful way to attract and keep a long-term partner is to build a vibrant, rich, full, rewarding life for yourself first.

And don't be afraid to talk passionately on the hobbies you enjoy in conversation; men like to be reminded that there are more important things to you than finding a man. So nurture your passions, be they work, sport, cooking, fitness, or anything else. You need to capable of enjoying time away from a potential partner. But of course, men also love to be missed right? Right, and that's fine. You're allowed to miss him; he'll only adore you more for telling him so.

Take it from us; it feels all that much more special to be missed by women that have it all going for them. And that's what men want. To be the special man in your already special life.

Self-sufficiency is sexy!

See you soon

Matthew Hussey

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