Why Are Womens Romance Stories So Popular?

No matter how old we women get we always like to hear a good story. Womens romance stories will be around forever.

There are women all over the world that have their own stories to tell and men quite often think that womankind is a little crazy because of the way we talk about romance with our friends. But, because they are not women they will always struggle to understand how important it is.

Men and women are made up very differently for obvious reasons and think and talk about completely different things.

From the time that young girls are old enough to like boys they start imagining about what their dream man will look and act like.

Not every woman will end up with the perfect romance that she dreamed up and that is one of the reasons that we like to hear womens romance stories from others who have had their dreams come true.

Men have to come to terms with the fact that romance will always be a big part of women’s dating lives.

There are some men out there who know how to be romantic, however, there are also men out there that have absolutely no clue. So the women who have a romantic man are the ones that help all the rest of us find the romance stories that we love so much.

Romance stories are a way for a woman to dream or pretend every once in a while that their life can be just like the story and not a lot of women will admit this but it is true just the same.

A romantic relationship is something that every woman wants to encounter at least once in her life and, unfortunately, some women never have that experience.

However, the majority of women do get to experience it at least that one time and when this does happen to them they will feel something more powerful than in any other relationship they have had previous.

Why is romance so important to women? Is it because we are just more sensitive and emotional than men are?


The true answer is that there is no one single reason for it. Everyone is different and unique and has their own outlook on life. Women everywhere will have their own reasons why they like good romance stories so when romance does come your way you want to remember it so you can tell your own story.

We at My-Dating-Advice.com are no different and would love to hear from you if you have any great womens romance stories to tell and, who knows, you may even get your romance stories published on our site for other women to read and enjoy.

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